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Preliminary Validation of the Taichung Veterans Pain Face Scale (TVPFS) in Veterans General Hospital

  陳惠君(Huei-Jiun Chen);黃惠美(Hui-Mei Huang);張家慧(Chiu-Hui Chang);洪至仁(Chih-Jen Hung)

Foreword: Pain assessment regards the patient's self-assessment of pain as the "gold standard". Taiwan Pain Society developed the Pain Face Scale and authorized it to be used by Taichung Veterans General Hospital. The facial makeup design includes six pain expressions and color changes. The purpose of this study is to verify the reliability and validity of the Taichung Veterans Pain Face Scale (TVPFS). Materials and methods: A sample was taken intentionally, and the case was collected in a ward of a medical center in the central part. There were 70 subjects in total. Study the pre- and post-test design. First, the subjects were asked to arrange six TVPFS facial masks in order from no pain to the most pain, and then the subjects were asked to receive (1) intravenous injection, and (2) before, during, and after the wound dressing change. Later, the pain intensity was evaluated by TVPFS and NRS. Results: All 70 subjects were ranked 140 times according to the total, and 93.6% were correctly ranked. In terms of discriminative validity, the subjects were asked to self-assess pain with TVPFS. The subjects showed significant differences in the three measurements before, during and after intravenous injection and wound dressing (X^2=106.29, p<. 001; X^2=104.89), p<.001). The TVPFS in dressing change was significantly higher than that in intravenous injection (p<.001). In terms of the validity of the standard correlation, the TVPFS of patients receiving intravenous injection and dressing changes was positively correlated with their NRS self-rated pain score (p <.01). Discussion: TVPFS is an effective tool for pain assessment, but there is a Facebook that needs to be revised. It is recommended to modify TVPFS and further research to determine the effectiveness of TVPFS in patient pain assessment.


前言:疼痛評估視病人自評疼痛程度為「黃金標準」(gold standard)。台灣疼痛醫學會發展Pain Face Scale,並授權台中榮民總醫院使用。臉譜設計包含六種疼痛表情及顏色變化,本研究目的為驗證Taichung Veterans Pain Face Scale(TVPFS)之信效度。


區辨效度方面,請受試者以TVPFS自評疼痛,受試者在靜脈注射及傷口換藥前、中、後三次測量皆呈現顯著差異(X^2=106.29, p<.001;X^2=104.89,p<.001)。