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Modern Dressings for the Management of Pain from Large Wounds

 鄭永利(Yong-Li Cheng);陳建璋(Chien-Chang Chen)
Wound related pain is common, highly susceptive, and can be particularly distressing. It is well-established that pain is a significant feature of living with large wound and adversely affects a patient's and caregivers' quality of life. Unresolved pain negatively affects wound healing and has an impact on quality of life. Several studies have shown that patients living with large wound are often subjected to dressing changes, which exacerbate their pain. Many dressings have been introduced during the past decades. The dressing modalities available at present demand that the clinicians to have a better understanding of wound healing process, to distinguish between the various types of dressing materials and to identify the conditions for which each class of dressing should be use. The vision for this article therefore was to discuss strategies for effective pain management and considers the role of dressings in minimizing or preventing pain of large wounds. Were view current principles about pain management from large wounds with modem dressing.