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Epidural Blood Patch for Fluid Leakage in Continuous Epidural Pain Control

 莊宏一(Hung-I Chung);楊雪玲(Shieh-Lin Yang);王孟鈺(Meng-Yu Wang)
Continuous epidural pain control is an excellent pain management method for post operative patient. But in clinical, pain control fluid will leak along the catheter onto the surface of skin in some patients. This makes patient feel uncomfortable, increase infection rate, increase the dropout rate of catheter due to wet adhesive bandage. So immediate management is essential! For five years, there are 805 cases of continuous epidural pain control for post-operative patient, Between them, about 1.4%, 1lcases has pain control fluid leakage. We have tried many ways to handle this. Finally we find that, epidural blood patch, the excellent way to treat spinal headache also is an excellent way to treat pain control fluid leakage!
連續性硬脊膜外腔止痛(cotinuous epidural pain control)對於手術後病患是一種絕佳的止痛方式。但臨床上少部分的病患出現止痛液會沿著導管滲出至皮外的情形。這種情形須馬上處理,因病患會不舒服,會增加感染率,會因固定膠布潮濕導致導管脫落。統計五年來,805例術後連續性硬脊膜外腔止痛病例,有11例出現止痛水外滲情形,盛行率約1.4%。試過幾種方法,發現仿效治療spinal headache的方法,用epidural blood patch是最有效的方式。