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Sodium Channels and Local Anesthetics: A Review

 林明忠(Ming-Chung Lin);陳正時(Cheng-Shih Chen);馮炳勳(Ping-Hsun Feng);曾劍英(Jann-Inn Tzeng);褚錦承(Chin-Chen Chu);陳貞吟(Jen-Yin Chen);王志中(Jhi-Joung Wang)
Although the clinical application of local anesthetics was over a century, the molecular mechanism of their action was not investigated until recent years. According to the investigation in the aspect of molecular biology, the sodium channel protein is evidenced a target for specific local anesthetic effects on mammalian neurons. In this article, we will introduce the molecular structure of sodium channels, the neuropathic pain related channel subtypes, and the current understanding about the relationship between sodium channels and local anesthetics. Finally, some other additional effects of local anesthetics will also be reviewed as well.