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Nalbuphine in Low Dose for the Prevention of Surgical Pain in Pediatric Population

Effects of a Loading Dose of Morphine for Postoperative Pain Relief in Adult Patients in Post-Anesthetic Care Unit: A Retrospective Analysis in a Medical Center

Patients' Perceptions and Attitudes toward Postoperative Pain and Anesthesia Risks

Overview of Neuropathic Pain after Abdominal Surgery

Post Abdominal Surgery Neuropathic Pain Management: A Literature Review

Postoperative Pain after Laparoscopic, Vaginal and Abdominal Hysterectomy for Benign Pathology: A Nationwide population-based Comparison

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Neurolysis outcome for Failed back surgery syndrome_systemic research review after 2010

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Prediction of Early Pain Score in the Postanesthesia Care Unit With Heart Rate Variability and Insomnia Severity Index: A Pilot Study

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The effect of propacetamol in post-cesarean pain control - a randomized controlled study

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Nalbuphine Sebacate 合併Parecoxib 有效控制術後疼 痛: 臨床觀察研究之初步報告

Nalbuphine Sebacate Combined with Parecoxib Was Effective in the Treatment of Post-surgical Pain: A Preliminary Observational Study