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The Construction of Learning Curve and Recommended Case Load for Training of Epidural Anesthesia in Taiwanese Patients

The Safe Depth of Coracoid Infraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block in Taiwan

Spinal Epidural Hematoma after Epidural Anesthesia in a Patient without Coagulopathy

An Exploratory Study of the Factors Influencing the Unintentional Dural Puncture Rate of Anesthetists

Effects of a Loading Dose of Morphine for Postoperative Pain Relief in Adult Patients in Post-Anesthetic Care Unit: A Retrospective Analysis in a Medical Center

A Live Animal Model for Learning ultrasound-guided Spinal Anesthesia

Patients' Perceptions and Attitudes toward Postoperative Pain and Anesthesia Risks

Epidural Catheter Knotting in an Elderly Patient-A Case Report

Spinal Morphine Technique for Non-obstetric anesthesia-the Analgesia Effect, Complication and Satisfaction

Epidural Catheter Knotting in an Elderly Patient-A Case Report

Epidural Catheter Knotting in an Elderly Patient-A Case Report

Neuroaxial Anesthesia Does Not Increase the Risk of Postoperative Low Back Pain after Herniorrhaphy

Ultrasound Guided Caudal Epidural High Volume and Low Concentration Lidocaine Injection for Lumbar Radiculopathy in Early Pregnancy

Ultrasound guided brachial plexus block plus TCI-propofol sedation provides better perioperative outcomes than inhalation general anesthesia in hemodialysis patients undergoing arteriovenous shunt surgery

The perioperative effectiveness of popliteal sciatic block for patients undergoing bunion surgery

Application of liposome on anesthesia and analgesia: a review

Collateral meridian acupressure therapy is effectively to complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)-like hyperalgesia induced by post-epidural block

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Prediction of Early Pain Score in the Postanesthesia Care Unit With Heart Rate Variability and Insomnia Severity Index: A Pilot Study

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The Role of Epidural Anesthesia Plus Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Nerve Block and Naldebain in Chronic Post-Surgical Pain