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Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) in the Elderly-A Retrospective Study in the Medical Center

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Pulse radiofrequency neuromodulation analgesic therapy has no effect on the function of permanent pacemaker: a case report of 3 successful cases

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Epidural Catheter Knotting after Epidural Labor Analgesia-A Case Report and Review

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Analgesia practice after Off-pump and On-pump CABG in Taiwan

H_1 Histamine Blocking Agents: Doxylamine and Pheniramine, Have a Potent Cutaneous Analgesic Effect in Rats

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The effect of propacetamol in post-cesarean pain control - a randomized controlled study

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Perioperative Pain Management is Not Just Opioid Treatment Alone-Using Multiple Strategies to Improve Pain Control, Reduce Complications, and Enhanced Outcomes

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Opioid-sparing multimodal analgesia for recurrent sciatic pain