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A Technical Note: Computed Tomography (CT)-Guided Percutaneous Coaxial Pulsed Radiofrequency for Post-Herpetic Neuralgia

 蔡泰欣(Tai-Hsin Tsai);劉安祥(Ann-Shung Lieu);黃旭霖(Shiuh-Lin Hwang);黃燕芬(Yan-Fen Hwang);鍾嘉勵(Chia-Li Chung);洪振翔(Chen-Hsiang Hung);朱晟瑋(Cheng-Wei Chu);賴文啓(Boon-Kee Lua);林志隆(Chih-Lung Lin);Kung-Shing Lee;羅永欽(Joon-
Pulsed radiofrequency for postherpetic neuralgia was developed as an alternative to conventional therapies. In fact, the procedures of conventional pulsed radiofrequency are not easy to perform. Authors describe the technique of CT-guided coaxial radiofrequency technique as being performed with a larger bore needle and coaxial system. The external sheath cannula is used as a coaxial system under computed (CT)-guided tomography to direct an accurate localization for radiofrequency treatment of thoracic nerve root postherpetic neuralgia.