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Epidural Catheter Knotting after Epidural Labor Analgesia-A Case Report and Review

  何怡憓(Yi-Hui Ho);劉彥青(Yen-Chin Liu);董盈秀(Yin-Hsiu Tung)

Epidural catheter knotting is a very rare complication for epidural analgesia. We reported a woman with epidural catheter knotting for labor analgesia. The epidural catheter was stuck while removing and concomitant with painful sensation. We failed to pull out the catheter during the initial attempt. After several attempts and changing the patient's position, we removed the catheter successfully and then found the knotting catheter. Literature review suggested too much insertion distance increasing the risks for epidural catheter coiling, bending or twisting and recommend that epidural catheter is better not inserted more than 5cm into the lumbar epidural space. There are also some recommended strategies to remove the catheter. The associated neurological symptoms should also be closely observed when epidural catheter knotting happened.