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Cauda Equina Syndrome After Kyphoplasty-A surgical complication for lower back pain

 吳仲鼎(Chung-Ting Wu);李宜軒(Yi-Hsuan Lee);林希鼎(Hsi-Ting Lin);陳博光(Po-Quang Chen);梁福民(Louis F. Leung)
Kyphoplasty with bone cement injection for osteoporotic spinal compression fractures is proved to be effective. The possible complications of this procedure include cement leakage, pulmonary embolism and others. However, spinal canal compromise by retropulsed bony fragments is less discussed. In this report, we present a case who developed delayed onset of cauda equine syndrome after kyphoplasty. We found out that it was caused not by cement leakage but the retropulsed bony fragments. Through this case, we learned that detailed pre-operative neurological examination and image study for the pre-existing spinal canal stenotic lesion can never be over-emphasized.