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A Man-Made Obstruction of the Epidural Catheter-A Case Report

 張中沛(Chung-Pei Chang);李偉世(Wei-Shih Lee);梁清煌(Ching-Huang Liang);吳志成(Chih-Cheng Wu);楊巽智(Tsuan-Chih Yang);何謂明(Wai-Meng Ho)
Obstruction of the epidural catheter is an annoying and troubling complication when we practice epidural analgesia. Here we present a female patient suffering from cervical cancer, who, while radical hysterectomy finished, experienced obstruction of the epidural catheter because the catheter was not inserted to full length into the connector. We analyzed this man-made obstruction of the epidural catheter and emphasized the position of the catheter into the connector must be checked first when the epidural catheter obstruction was present. It should be a by standard procedure when we practice epidural analgesia but often being neglected anesthesiologists.