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Ultrasound-Guided Pulsed Radiofrequency of Suprascapular Nerve for Chronic Shoulder Pain: A Case Report

 楊芝琳(Chih-Lin Yang);勞萱之(Hsuan-Chih Lao);徐永偉(Yung-Wei Hsu);洪育均(Yu-Chun Hung);鄭仁坤(Jen-Kun Cheng);陳建全(Chien-Chuan Chen);林嘉祥(Chia-Shiang Lin)
Suprascapular nerve (SSN) blockade improves pain, range of motion, and disability in acute and chronic shoulder pain. Pain relief usually lasts several hours with local anesthetic. If steroids are added, the relief lasts several weeks. Since repetitive steroid exposure is associated with several hazards, alternative long-term therapies would be desirable. Pulsed radiofrequency (PRF) is a non-destructive, safe, and repeatable long-term pain control therapy. We report a case, wherein using ultrasound guidance and fluoroscopy and nerve stimulation confirmation, SSN PRF treatment was performed. It provided 9-10 months of pain relief and improvement in shoulder function, without deterioration in muscle strength.
Suprascapular nerve (SSN)肩胛上神經阻斷可改善急性與慢性肩部疼痛及其所致之活動受限或失能。使用局部麻醉藥物進行神經阻斷術常可使疼痛緩解持續幾個小時。若再加上類固醇則可持續幾個星期。然因持續注射類固醇可能導致許多副作用,使用其他具長時間療效的治療方法是需要的。脈衝式射頻療法是一種安全、非破壞性、可重複使用並提供長時間療效的疼痛控制治療法。以下我們提出一個病例,使用新進之超音波引導技術下,扎針至肩胛上神經,並以神經刺激與X光透視檢查確定位置,針對肩胛上神經進行脈衝式射頻療法。治療後,達到使病患疼痛緩解、改善肩部功能、並不影響肌肉力量,長達約9-10個月的時間。